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As Australia’s best SEO Company, we pride ourselves on delivering long-lasting results as well as top-quality service. We understand that you’re in business for the long-term which is why we never suggest for short-term solutions and we also understand that you want to get a return on your online marketing and search engine optimisation investment, which is exactly what we do by providing cost effective SEO services and by ensuring that we deliver real results through following all of the correct fundamentals and processes involved when it comes to SEO.


Search Engine Optimisation is by no means a new online marketing strategy but it is definitely one of the most effective. Search Engine Optimisation is about taking your website to the top of the search engines for search terms which are related to the products and services that you offer and which people are searching for on Google.

We do it by analyzing your competitors, analyzing your current website, determining a group of keywords or phrases that would best suit your business and yield the biggest returns, complete a series of changes to your website to ensure that it is more “Google Friendly” and then we go about finding link partners who have websites in similar niches to place hyperlinks on their website which point back to yours which service as “popularity points” to Google, which in-turn helps your website to rank higher in Google.

What Are The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation?


Search Engine Optimisation, in comparison to most other online marketing strategies is extremely cost-effective. Depending on how many keywords or phrases you’d like to promote, our packages start from as little as $300 per month.

Better ROI

SEO is proven to deliver a better return on your investment. Typically, most service-based business only needs one or two sales a month to break even. You can get a better understanding of what ROI you can expect simply by requesting a SEO proposal from one of our highly skilled and professional SEO Consultants.

Increased Traffic

Need more traffic to your website? That’s the whole focus of Search Engine Optimisation, to deliver high targeted traffic to your website and to convert the traffic that SEO generates to your website.

Demand Driven

Forget useless outbound techniques and strategies such as telemarketing or flyer-drops. People are searching for your products and services, hundreds or even thousands of times on a daily basis.

Completely Measurable

From the outset, Search Engine Optimisation is completely measurable and we are able to track who visits your website, what they do on your website and can calculate how many visitors it takes your website to turn a visitor into a buyer or client.

Brand Awareness

Not only does SEO generate sales and leads, it also helps you to build brand awareness. Even if people don’t buy straight away, sitting at the top of the world’s major search engines all day long will help to build your brand like nothing else.

Business Growth

By saving money on less-effective marketing strategies you will be able to put more money back into your business and grow it for the future.

24/7 Leads

The Internet never sleeps. Your website will be generating new leads and new sales all around the clock without you having to stay awake all night or having to hire a new salesperson.

How Long Does Search Engine Optimisation Take?

SEO is not a short-term strategy and we never aim for short-term wins or results. Small Business SEO campaigns typically take about 4 to 6 weeks to start seeing results depending on how competitive your industry is and how competitive each keyword or phrase is. If your industry is rather competitive and there are a lot of companies in your niche that are also using Search Engine Optimisation as a part of their online marketing strategy, it can take up to 8 weeks to start seeing results. However, if your niche is not so competitive, you can start to see results within just a two weeks.

Differences Between Organic SEO, Local SEO & Maps SEO?

Organic Search Engine Optimisation is about targeting generic keywords, search terms of key-phrases, typically on a national scale within the main “organic” results of Google. Local SEO is about targeting localized keywords which are focused on a particular product or service combined with your local area included within the key-phrase and Maps SEO is about optimizing your Google+ Local or Google Places profile to rank within the Google Maps listings which typically appear at the top of the search results for most local searches.

What Do We Need To Get Started With SEO?

All you need is a website and we do the rest! Once you’re convinced that Search Engine Optimisation is the right fit for your business, all you need to do is request a SEO proposal from one of our expert SEO consultants, decide which keywords or phrases that you’d like to target initially and then give us the green light to get started. To speak with one of our SEO team, go ahead and call 1300 799 770 or alternatively, fill in the SEO Quote form to have your SEO proposal created for you Setup Setup straight away.