5 Imaginative, Effective Ways To Post On Social Media

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Simply telling your customers your latest news isn’t always the best way of getting – and keeping – their attention. To attract social media followers, harness your creative powers. Here are five ways to get the ball rolling.

Blogging For Business

Are you wondering what a blog even is? Would you like to learn how to make more money from blogging? Ok so you’ve heard the term ‘blog’ being used to describe how clever business people are now using one, to communicate with their prospects and customers but I bet you’re like many of our clients who don’t quite understand what a blog actually is and how it can help you make more money!!

Why Carefully Crafted Press Releases Still Work

A feeling has developed in some quarters that, in today’s online and social media world, the traditional press release is something belonging to another age. This simply isn’t true. If it’s created in the right way and for valid reasons, a press release can still gain both the publicity and create the SEO interest you would wish. The latter is true simply because as journalists write they will take the information and terminology you provide and make use of it. Therefore for a press release to work in the way you want it to, here are four key guidelines to follow:

Web Design – Colours And Emotions

We all know that certain colours can have specific meanings – red often means danger, blue is calming, while yellow is cheerful and sunny. Web designers often utilise these emotions associated with colours when creating a website, in order to invoke certain feelings within the user.

Reasons Why Your New Website Needs To Be Responsive

Have you had a website designed for your business lately? If you recently had your website designed, did you have it designed with responsiveness in mind? If not, you may just have to have your website redeveloped to ensure that it meets the latest web design standards and to ensure that all types of potential customers on all types of platforms and devices can view your website properly.

Differences Between Google Pagerank (PR) & MOZ Domain Authority (DA)

the differences between google pagerank and domain authority.

For quite some time now, the lack of updates in regards to Google PageRank has been de-popularising the metric and in fact, there has been a progressive turn towards MOZ Domain Authority. For many people using Domain Authority it is clear that their decision has been inspired by a number of factors and as it seems, DA is rapidly replacing Google PageRank as the chosen metric to determine a website or web page popularity. Read this post to find out more on the differences and why it is that people are shifting their focus onto Moz.com Domain Authority.

Is Your Website Telling Your Potential Customers Or Readers The Right Story?

the do's and don'ts of web design to ensure that your website stands out and retains customers / readers

It takes less than two tenths of a second for a visitor on your website to make up their minds about you and your business or blog. That’s a very short time, and as an internet marketer, you have to think of all the things that you can do to make your site one which people will visit and one where your visitors will actually stay, not bounce straight away. This means that your website design, layout and the content within your website is key. As an Internet Marketer or webmaster, you have to know how to manipulate all of these crucial elements if you are going to create a website that is effective and converts visitors. So what are the key elements and what should you be doing with them?

Custom Web Design VS Free Website Templates

the choice between custom design and free website templates

No business wants to waste money; it doesn’t matter whether we are talking marketing or office furniture, businesses try as much as possible to save money. That is why careful thinking is required when it comes to website design. Businesses are confronted with free web templates and custom website design and they have to make a decision between the two. The problem is that with either option, you will still get a website, so why should you be paying when you can get a website up and running for free? To answer this question, let’s understand what free web templates are and what custom web design is.

How To Setup A Website In 10 Easy Steps

These days, having a successful website takes a lot more than simply buying a domain name, putting up any old website and adding your content, as there are a huge number of other important factors that can be the difference between success and failure for your site such as bounce rates, conversion factors etc.

Why Content Marketing Is The New SEO & What You Need To Do

Whilst black-hatters and so-called Internet Marketing and SEO gurus out there will still be trying to manipulate search results and generate traffic the not-so ethical way, the next generation of SEO and Online Marketing has well and truly arrived and your potential clients are eating it up, and so are search engines. Content Marketing is the new buzzword in SEO circles and across the Internet now but this is the way it should have been, always. Too many so-called gurus have brain-washed small business owners into thinking that Google is the be-all and end-all and now, with the latest Google updates and previous poor practices of these gurus, there are a lot of small businesses out there that are hurting, severely.