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Does Your Business Suffer A Poor Online Reputation OR Bad Reviews? If So, You NEED Or Online Reputation Management Services!

You’re no doubt aware that reputation can make or break your business. In recent years, reputation has changed from something that is shared by word of mouth to something that is broadcast online via social media, review sites and blogs. The ease with which people can now share their experiences has made management of your reputation even more vital.

SearchExpert SEO has been working with businesses and their reputations for eight years. As specialists in online Reputation Management we can help you repair a damaged reputation, mitigate against the effects of bad online reviews and reap the benefits for your business of a well-publicised track record for excellence in quality products, services and customer care. In short, we get you the reputation you need to succeed.

Reputation is important. One study found that 54% of consumers search for a business online rather than using a phone-book. What will they see when they search? Your business website, ideally, but also reviews and opinions from your past customers. Almost three-quarters of consumers believe that these reviews are as trustworthy as recommendations from their real-life contacts.

Research from 2013 found that consumers are far more likely to share a bad experience with a company online than a positive one – 50% more likely via social media, and 52% more likely on a review site. Even worse, only 33% of those who write a positive review share it over five times, compared to almost 55% of those who write a negative review. What impact do these reviews have? The same research found that a whopping 86% of consumers reconsider a buying decision when they read a negative review. A single customer’s bad experience can overshadow years of quality customer interactions, unless you have a Reputation Management plan in place.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a service that monitors the factors that might affect your reputation – customer complaints or praise, reviews, press attention and so on, and then works to publicise positive aspects and minimise the effect of negative experiences. While reputation management is often something that a business turns to in a crisis, an important facet of this service is prevention, inspection and review of your processes to avoid bad publicity in the first place. Your reputation is not a static value. As more people experience your company and communicate their experiences, your reputation can vary dramatically, and with the ease of social sharing, this change can happen overnight.

What are the Benefits of Reputation Management?

A properly implemented reputation management strategy can increase traffic to your business, turn unhappy customers into your most loyal champions and repair damage that may have occurred in the past. Take a look at these concrete benefits.

Counteract Negative Press

A negative review can haunt your business for years, turning up in Google searches for your company or squatting like a stain on your Yelp page. Publication and promotion of new, positive reviews can push this bad press onto the second page, where it is unlikely to be seen. These new reviews can also provide a counterbalancing view for readers.

Identify Problems in Processes, Products or Services

When we identify a negative impact on your reputation, or the potential for one, we don’t just solve that particular problem. We assess the issue to find out why it happened so that we can prevent the same issue from occurring again. Do you need a better customer communication policy for your social media accounts? Are your terms and conditions unclear? Improving these processes helps you to increase your appeal to all customers, not just those that complain.

Rebuild Your Brand

You want customers and potential customers to associate your brand with quality, service, and positivity. Rebuild your brand to increase your value.

Win New Business

A new, glowing reputation won’t just stop customers from being turned off, it will actively attract customers who may not have even been aware of your business in the past. Reputation Management is a positive influence on your business, not just a means to tread water.

Keep Your Business And Your Hair!

Dealing with a public relations or reputation crisis is stressful. You know your business is worthwhile, you know that these criticisms are unfair, but the story being told is one of your incompetence, rudeness, or even criminality. With Reputation Management from SearchExpert SEO you can be confident that a crisis will be dealt with efficiently and comprehensively. Even better, you can work on your business knowing that potential disasters are being headed off at the pass as SearchExpert SEO works behind the scenes. It helps your business and your sanity.

How Do You Repair My Reputation?

Let’s get down to brass tacks – what will SearchExpert SEO do to make your reputation shine?

Stop The Review Rot

An unhappy customer does not have to become one who will express their dissatisfaction. In fact, these customers can become your best advertisement if their issues are solved. We will help you to deal with these customers, address their concerns, and turn their impression of your company from “never again” to “first port of call”.

Muster Happy Customers

Happy customers are less likely to write a review than unhappy customers. We can help you to change that by implementing strategies that encourage your loyal satisfied customers to show how they feel about your business. This helps to decrease the prominence of any negative reviews and show a more accurate representation of your customers’ opinions.

Publish Positive Press

Once we have these reviews in hand, we find the most prominent, effective platforms for the positive press to be published, read and shared. We ensure that your positive reviews have the greatest possible impact on your overall reputation.

Counteract Negative Reviews

An important part of our process is to target negative reviews, ensuring that they are replaced by positive content about your business, or pushed off the front page where they are less likely to be seen by new customers.

Review Existing Processes

Prevention is always better than cure. We look through your processes to find loopholes, problem-points or potential contributors to negative reviews. Then we work with you to find a better way to accomplish your goals that avoids creating unpleasant experiences for customers.

Rebuild Online Credibility

At SearchExpert SEO, we understand the importance of continued action. We don’t just solve one problem and then sit on our laurels. We actively work to repair your reputation, repeating each element of our strategy as needed until your business has a glowing brand, rave customer reviews and a fully credible online presence.

Your reputation has never been more vulnerable as it is online today. However, it has also never been so easy to build a well-known, positive brand and a company that is a hallmark for excellence. With Reputation Management from SearchExpert SEO, you can be confident that your reputation, and your business, are in good hands.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries about Reputation Management or our other services. Fill in our online form or call us by phone, and we’ll be delighted to discuss your particular circumstances and requirements.