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Website Rental Service

If you in the market for a professional website for your business, but do not have the finances to have it done, you can have your very own custom website by renting and not buying. We have rented out websites to hundreds of clients who acquire real, instant results, without the hassle of starting their own site. In fact, renting a website is perhaps the swiftest and easiest way for many people to get online, particularly those who are starting out in business.

Site Rental also offers many benefits to existing established businesses as well. Actually, renting a website is no different than renting a vehicle or office space for your dealings, and in most cases, the rental is fully tax deductible as a business expense.

What Is Site Rental?

Site Rental really does make getting your business online stress-free. We have everything you need under one roof. Our small monthly fee consists of web design, SEO, hosting, support for a logo design, and much more, contingent on what you require. Put simply, Site Rental is a one-stop shop to getting you online, indexing on all the major search engines, and optimising based on your key business words.

Our flexible, affordable pay-monthly Site Rental can put a tick in all the right boxes by offering your business the ability to pick and choose what features you need for your website. But that’s not all,
our websites are completely accessible, where you can grow your website as your business grows. This advantage is ideal if you are a new business start-up, and your budget is limited.

Benefits Of Website Rental Over Owning Your Own Website

  • Domains are niche-specific, aged, and come pre-optimised
  • Websites are previously established and already generate leads
  • Sites come with everything you need to get started including, domain, hosting, website itself, 1300 number and existing lead sources
  • Pay a small monthly fee rather than massive upfront design costs
  • Sites are maintained by us so that no upkeep is required by you
  • Our websites for rent are 100% tax deductible

Other benefits include that renting allows you to pay for your website over the entire term of your rental so that your business can benefit from placing stress on your cash flow. In other words, renting a website eliminates the need for upfront costs.

Do you realise people are naturally receptive to ideas and information they are interested in? This is why our websites pick up on these ideas if they are endeavouring to attract these same people as customers.

How Does The Rental Process Work?

  • You choose a domain or existing website
  • We develop and optimise the domain, or allocate an existing website to you
  • You pay a small monthly fee to rent the website
  • We supply highly targeted business leads to you

Why go to the trouble of dealing with web designers, hosting companies and logo designers when we can deal with it all with just one low monthly payment. Site Rental can get you online within a matter of days, and our team of skilled business professionals will ensure we provide the correct package every time.

Have you ever thought about attracting more clients and transporting your business to a higher level, but felt constrained by the expensive primary investment a new site can require? You know, the situation with an old web site that had once been state-of-the-art, but now was out of date, not meeting your needs, and in many cases had become just plain embarrassing?

Remember, your new website built just for you, will have a strong CMS (Content Management System) feature which allows you access through a user-friendly interface so that you can make changes to your website as and when you choose.

Search engines such as Google love new content, and your website and presence online will grow from strength to strength if you keep your website fresh. Your customers also have more reasons to revisit your site if there is always something new to see. You can easily do this yourself, but we are always here if you need our help.

Without much delay you can take advantage from a professional and tailored website minus having to absorb that huge financial commitment. With access to the right images, text, logos, social media platforms and expert marketing advice, your prospects are huge, and if you need extra support, that’s what Site Rental is here for.

Just To Wet Your Appetite, You Are In Line For:

  • A total custom site designed just for your business, your colours, imagery, your logo, layout and content, all to your full satisfaction
  • Expert supervision as you gather and produce the content for you site
  • No large cash deposit up front, only low pre-agreed monthly costs
  • Choose a conventional site, a blog, or a combined site and blog
  • Included in your monthly rental fee is free web site hosting
  • Mailing list integration – we hook up web email sign-up forms for all the major mailing list managers, or whichever one you choose.
  • Social media integration – your visitors can share your site via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, and follow your social profiles also, just by clicking a button
  • Analytics included so you can track your site visitors and how they find your site
  • We include basic SEO with all the hidden custom tags that help your site attract visitors more rapidly

Ask us about all the tech stuff and we will tell you we handle all the plugins you need, pre-installed. We will give you free backups of your entire site, free site restoration in the event of a calamity, blog and site conversion in the event you have a blog or site already on another platform.

So, Are You Ready For A Totally Affordable Custom Professional Site?

If you are exhausted and feeling frustrated waiting for things to improve, you can take charge of your business and go for Site Rental. You will receive an elegant site, Search Engine Optimised and social-media ready so you can connect effortlessly with potential clients. You will have no problems with extra bills, because hosting is built in and your site is always up-to-date and safe.

There is no excuse not to have a great web site. You will get a sustainable new web site that can pay for itself while it brings in extra business for you. Our ground-breaking rental option bridges the gap between needs and affordability to help your business put its best foot forward.

Think about it, Site Rental’s concept is similar to rental or lease of business equipment, but without the finance applications; and apart from the fact that all of the hard work is done by us, you will be conserving your working capital, allowing acquisition to be driven by needs and not capital, saving time and money as we absorb the major upfront cost, tapping into online marketing opportunities, and having hassle-free quality online presence, so why not let us do all the work?

We also guarantee our service. Either we deliver a rich web presence that gets results, or you cancel, it’s that simple.