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Website Optimisation, in its simplest form, is the process of improving the visibility of a website within the results pages of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing), in order to generate more traffic (and therefore more potential customers) to your website. There are many technical elements that need to be combined together in order to achieve top search engine rankings, such as on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation including title tag optimisation, meta description optimisation, optimisation of on-page content, internal linking, niche directory listings, guest blog posting, social bookmarking and more.

SearchExpert have the team, skills and processes in place to ensure that your website rises to the top of the search engine rankings in the shortest possible time and keeping in line with Google’s quality guidelines. Used in conjunction with other SEM (social media marketing) techniques, Website Optimisation can provide a significant ROI.


Website Optimisation is more commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It refers to the process of placing relevant keywords strategically across your web content, changing your meta tags and descriptions, image tags, and the like in order for Google, Yahoo, and Bing to place you on a higher rank when somebody types in a phrase that relates to your website or business. This process involves different on-page and off-page techniques. SearchExpert provides this service because we understand how essential it is for Internet marketing and for making your business successful through online promotion and advertising.


Naturally, the main purpose of site optimisation services is for experts to employ various proven and effective techniques of SEO so that your website will rank higher on Google. Now how will this ranking benefit your business? Imagine people in different countries typing in the keywords “wood furniture teak” and “teak dining tables” and seeing your teak furniture website on the very first page of results. This will certainly increase the chances of them clicking on your link and thus ending up on your site. When you have more visitors, there is a bigger likelihood that you will be able to increase your sales too.

Furthermore, website optimisation will also allow you to develop better credibility because you will appear to be better than your competitors. You will appear to be an industry leader. The end result of this too is to bring you more customers in the long run. In addition, when you have a new product to launch or a special promo that you are currently running, utilizing SEO techniques will help people find out about it. For instance, if someone searches “discounted teak chairs” or “new modern teak furniture”, they can be led to a particular page in your website or to one of your blog entries.


  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Ranking Reports
  • Traffic Reports


Keyword Research is a fundamental step in any Site Optimisation campaign and cannot be discounted or disregarded. Keyword Research is the foundation of any campaign and requires time to complete properly as it will form the entire optimisation campaign. When we research your keywords, we take the time to ensure that your keywords not only have search volume but we also ensure that the keywords are well suited to your business objectives and that the traffic that comes from the keywords searched will convert into leads, sales and long-term customers.

Competitor Analysis is another fundamental step in all of our Website Optimisation campaigns. The correct tools are required and time needs to be invested into this process to ensure that your competitors are thoroughly analyzed and critiqued and to make sure that every SEO effort that your competitor has made is counteracted and that we go above and beyond their efforts to achieve the best possible result for your campaign.


Content Creation and Link Building are the two cornerstones of SEO. You cannot have one without the other and your site will not rank within the top positions of the search engines without them both. Whilst our other SEO services are important and crucial to your campaign, these two services are by far the most important. We focus on optimising your current content or creating high quality content to go onto your website so that not only will your visitors love it but search engines will too.

Our team of SEO experts have been working on our site, now let them work on yours. When you hire SEO experts at SearchExpert, you are hiring SEO experts that have promoted hundreds of websites and achieved thousands of number 1 rankings worldwide across all of the major search engines. Our SEO experts provide a wide range of SEO tasks such as Article creation and Article Submission, Press Release creation and submission, Video Marketing, Profile Creation, Link Wheel Creation, Social Bookmarking and basically any service listed here on our website.

So, if you are looking to increase your rankings in the major search engines at an affordable rate instead of hiring a Website Optimisation company that may charge thousands of dollars without seeing any results, choose SearchExpert. If you need proof of our work, feel free to ask us, but the proof is in the pudding, if you found us at the top of the search engines, isn’t that enough reason to get started right away? Choose from one of our affordable SEO packages below and one of our SEO experts will be in contact with you in no more than 12 hours. Hire SEO Experts from SearchExpert today and start seeing the results tomorrow.


It’s a given that you will want to know where your hard-earned money is being invested which is why we provide a superior level of tracking and reporting for all of our campaigns. We only use the most accurate tools and we will keep you in the loop every step of the way. With SearchExpert, Search engine rankings are tracked via MOZ and your visitor and goal tracking is performed using Google Analytics. The two tools are the most trusted within the Search Engine Optimisation industry and provide the highest level of detail and the greatest level of accuracy to ensure that you know everything that is happening within your SEO campaign.

Even if you are a National or Global organisation, local SEO or Google Places Optimisation is still important to your overall efforts. Your business was never an instant hit and the place where all businesses start out is locally. Your local clients are the ones that keep your business flowing and people will always want to know that you are a real business with real people running it which is why listing your physical location is always a good thing to do. It may not affect your overall campaign if you are looking to target a National or Global audience but it may just help you with your conversions if your customers can see who you are and where exactly you are located.


A lot of businesses invest heavily in Website Optimisation and other online marketing efforts only to find that their website converts poorly. This results in a huge waste of money and a low return on your investment in Site Optimisation. Whilst we do not offer this as standard, we can make suggestions to you or advise you that your website may not convert as highly as it should. If you decide to employ us to complete a Conversion Optimisation Analysis on your website, we will do a thorough back-to-front analysis of your website and list out any of the changes that need to be made in order for your website to increase its conversions. We can also carry out the work that needs to be completed in-house with our in-house developers or you can outsource this work to your preferred provider, its completely up to you.


Because we at SearchExpert know what we are doing and we are confident in the results we provide, we can openly tell you that you will begin seeing results after just a month. This is based on our experience. Furthermore, we can guarantee you a place in the top 5 position of search engine ranking within just 3 months. In this regard, you may even ask our previous clients on the outcome of the website optimisation services they availed from us. Each and every one of them was very happy and satisfied. This amazing change in ranking led to a lot of positive consequences for their business. They gladly showed us how their profits have increased and how they continue to draw in potential customers.


If you want to enjoy the outstanding benefits of our website optimisation services, just click on the right-hand side of this page and you will be brought to our registration form. Fill it out and submit. We will immediately get in touch with you to discuss your needs and requirements. We will also walk you through the steps we intend to take to optimize your site.