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Why Choose Us?

Better Service

Don't you hate it when you get transferred from one department to another when you are on the phone to one of your service providers? Don't you hate it when you call and don't get the answers you want? And don't you hate it when you are told you will get contacted back or that something will be done and nothing ever happens? Well, is committed to ensuring a high level of client satisfaction. We'll keep you in the loop with everything, deliver what we promise and call you back when you ask us to.

Better Results

A big problem that faces this industry at the moment is the "churn and burn" mentality that many of the large SEO and Web Marketing companies have. Rather thank focus on the clients that they have and ensuring that each get the results that they invest in, they simply go and find more customers and play the profit game without delivering on the promises that they make. aims to be different and aims to focus on delivering real results to a smaller group of clients rather than not delivering to a large group of clients.

Long-Term Approach

We know you're in business for the long-term and we want to be there with you every step of the way. Unlike many SEO companies out there who go for quick, short-term results, we prefer to set you up for the long-term. SEO and Content Marketing is a long term strategy anyway so there is no point in trying to force results, we simply set you up so that you have consistent, long-term growth.

Ethical & Transparent

There are a lot of companies out there that will do just about anything possible to get that #1 ranking, especially try dodgy techniques. Whilst we do try to go above and beyond for our clients, we never compromise your brand or compromise the long term success of your business online. As well as this, we like to keep you in the loop about things so that you understand where your online marketing investment is going.

Results Driven

We are a hungry and competitive bunch of people. Simply put, we like results! We will not stop at getting you #1 rankings, we want to make sure that your website is converting, that your sales people are picking up the phone or answering emails so that you convert the visitors that we send to your website are turning into long-term business.

Measurable Results

Everything we do here at SearchExpert is measurable and we like it that way. From traffic stats to goal conversions, we are able to track what your visitors do, when they do it, what works and what doesn't…It's just one of the beauties of online marketing.